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How To Track Your Lost Phone Using Your Gmail Account.

In this life,nobody is perfect,and also above mistakes. You will feel bad if your phone mistakenly got stolen or you lost your phone. But where there is a will,there is a way.

You don't need to panic anymore just apply this smart method on how you can get your lost phone back,using your gmail account,with screenshots for guide.

After you have purchase a new phone or you have a phone you need to create a Gmail account so that when it get lost you can track it using your Gmail account. But if you have a Gmail account there is no need for you to create another Gmail just apply this step below with screenshots for guide.

Now this is my home screen.

Now open the person browser I recommend you to use chrome because it makes your browsing more efficient. Then click on log into my Gmail account using another person phone to log in,for you to track your missing phone.

Then click on the log in text below.

Now that you have sign in to your gmail using your email and password,it will bring a page like this. Then go to setting icon and scroll down you will see the name of your phone,click on find a lost device since you are searching for your phone.

After you have click on the find a lost phone it will show a page,like this.

Then click on the name of your phone. After that you will be required to type in your password.

After typing your password,it will show this page below,click on the accept button to find your phone.

Then after that click on the locate button.

After you have click the locate button just on the person phone location and it will being the exact place where your phone is.

You can now see,it bring the exact place am in Mushin place now and it bring the exact location. You can also drop a message for the person just click on the secure device below and you can now drop your message below.

You can also click on the ring button to call the phone no matter how the person remove your Sim you can still threaten the person by clicking on the ring button.

In conclusion,you can block your phone also so that the person with your phone won't be able to use your phone.

Thank you for reading this article,hope you find it more interesting?. You can also ask any question and you will be replied immediately. Kindly follow,like and share with others to gain from this interesting articles.

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