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DIY: How to make a smart mirror at home

Hello folks, it appeared as though the multi contact table may have been out of financial plan since it cost $2000 and many can't manage the cost of that. So all things being equal, I discovered this smart mirror venture and it was progressively less expensive when contrasted with the multi contact table however I guarantee I will investigate it and discover a touch screen table yet in the interim, how about we center around another much of the time utilized "furniture": The Mirror, and I will change it into a smart mirror in addition to, it will have a face recognition highlight and it will be as magnificent as could be. On the whole:

Materials required

Raspberry pi 4 2gb RAM (suggested)

Raspberry Pi camera module

Raspberry pi case

Micro SD card 32GB

Micro SD card connector/reader

Micro HDMI cable

Raspberry Pi 4 charger

Mouse and keyboard (laptop/PC)

IR frame

Two way mirror

32" inch television (you can pick any estimate of your decision however let it be LCD or you can likewise utilize littler screens like old PC screen)

LED strips

Stage 1

Make a frame for the TV or laptop screen: TV is suggested for more extensive view and better pleasure. I will utilize the 32" television. Along these lines, a casing of 47.5 cm width, 77 cm length and 7 cm tallness of wood (MDF (suggested)). You can include LED strips at the back for more excellence and beauty. Pictures beneath:

Stage 2

You should download Raspberry Pi operating system. You can see the techniques in the video I will post later. You will at that point need to download Magic Mirror in the Raspbian operating system as in stage 3

Stage 3

Go to the chromium browser on your Raspbian operating system and type in "magic mirror". Go to their site, scroll down and click on their establishment directions or you can watch the short video on the establishment of magic mirror later in light of the fact that I will, before long post the video

Stage 4

Return to the site and click on modules at that point search mmm-smarttouch and click on it likewise follow the methods and tweak or you can follow the instructional video that I will post later.

Stage 5

Interface the Raspberry Pi camera module to the Raspberry Pi and afterward to the television.

I will post the video on the best way to introduce magic mirror and select modules. That is in support of today. Follow for additional updates. Next time, it will be a surprise DIY and stay tuned on the grounds that soon, I may in the long run tell the best way to make an electric skateboard.

Remain safe

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