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Facebook, Instagram And Other Social Media Users; Take Note of This 15 Social Networking Safety Tips

Social networking is a mode of communication between people through online platform like Twitter, Whats app, Facebook and other online platform. Over the decades, social networking has become a vital part of human life. Its popularity could be attributed to the ability of meeting the interests and needs of the vast population of people. It is an avenue which enables teens to socialize with their friends. Despite the huge opportunities and benefits, there are certain risks involve. They ranch from hacking, bullying, identity theft etc. To avoid falling victim to this risks, one needs to abide by certain safety tips.

They include;

1. Be Cautious of Sharing Too Much

When using the social media, be mindful of disclosing or sharing certain information, ranching from your home or work address, place of birth, phone number, your bank details, ones security pin etc. If these information are shared, it is more easier to fall victim to crimes perpetuated using the social media.

2. Adjust Privacy Settings

Adjusting privacy setting is another safety tips one ought to know, this setting enables one to block or limit who views his personal information. Because some friends on the friend list, may have disdain reasons for been your friend on the social media, but with the help of privacy setting you could actually choose those who view your personal information, such as status, pictures etc.

 3. Limit Details About Work History

Social media sites like Linkedln enables people post information pertaining to their work history. Disclosing work related information, could give criminals more knowledge of you and make you more susceptible to evil.

4. Verify who you are connecting with

Be careful of impersonators, social networking accounts may be created to mislead you to think you are chatting with the actual person. Some others may be created to fraud people. When chatting with you friends also be sure of the authenticity of the account.

5. Don't Share Personal Details

Some blogging websites instigate people to upload every activities done by them, but individuals who enjoy the trend of social networking, end up falling victims to thieves and other criminals. Revealing information linked to travels, shopping, vacation etc to the public, should be minimized so as to prevent been victim of circumstances.

6. Check Out Your Own Account

Doing an account routine check could be nice, it ensure the safety of one's account. It is wise to sometimes conduct a search of one profile using the search engine, in order to know if there are other fake account created using your name.

7 Know Employer Boundaries or Acceptable Use Policies

Employees should know what policies the employer of labor has in place. These policies may affect what that employee can share in terms of write up or pictures. This measure is put in place to protect the reputation of the company as well as prevent the loss of intellectual property, if this is not taking note, it could lead to the lost of job by the employee.

8. Control What Information is Shared with Outside Sources

When one joins a social media site, learn to understand how that particular site uses their private information. The personal details of an individual could be shared with with companies or partners who could use those personal details for advertisement. Read through those policies before signing.

9. Be Careful of Over-Friending

Having to much friends, could pose a threat to one on social media, because some friends could have an ulterior motion for wanting to be your friend. When accepting friends, choose individuals who are actually your friends.

10. Consider Forming a New Social Network

Interacting with close friends of yours using unpopular social media, could be safer, because the larger a social network is the more it attracts assorted number of people with various agenda.

11. Sign-On: Open ID

Adopting a single sign-on for various platform is one way one can mitigate the likelihood of their passwords getting into the hands of hackers and identity thieves.

12 . What Goes Online Stays Online

Be-careful of sending vital information on the internet via any social media platform. Because when sent, it is difficult to actually have them wiped off the internet. This information could be detrimental for posterity sake and may leave that individual vulnerable to crimes.

13 . Know How to Block Unfriendly Followers

When joining any social media, one should know when to protect oneself from unwanted contact so as to avoid harassment. Blocking a person could be a means of limited unnecessary individuals who could be a threat to you.

14. Keep Passwords Strong

When creating a password, it is vital to choose password that has both letters and numbers. The password choosing should at least have eight characters, so as prevent hackers from gaining access to one's account, as as well as prevent sending your account to send spam related contents.

15. Keep Control of Comments

Identity theft could be a problem when it comes to commenting on social networking websites. Ones comments could be misinterpreted online, to avoid such, limit your comments.

I hope this safety tips were helpful,

Thanks for reading.

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