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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Internet Trolling

Internet is a great tool for people to express themselves freely, without a doubt. However, the online freedom of expression, online anonymity and invisibility has given birth to internet trolls.

What is internet trolling? Who are those internets trolls and why do they do it? In the following sections, we look at 6 things you didn't know about internet trolling.

Web Trolling: a web troll is a web slang to describe someone on the Internet who posts comments or off-topic messages in a comment section with the intention of upsetting people for their own amusement.

Everyone Trolls: According to a study conducted on thousands of adults, 28% of people admitted to deliberately start fights online. More than 25% of internet users are Internet trolls.

Troll Environment: The Pew Research Center discovered that 92% of Internet users believe that online environments allow people to be more critical of one another, compared with real life situations.

Arguing Online: In an another survey on online behavior, 23% of internet users admitted to enjoy provoking total strangers and argue with them online.

Social Media: In a different study, Pew Research Center found that around 66% of internet users have experienced online harassment on a social media site or app.

Trolls in Real Life: In real life, there are no true ways to identify internet trolls. Someone who seems nice in person could be far from nice online.

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