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Always make sure you don't have data on your phone when you travel, here is my advice for you

Traveling is one of the many daily tasks of many Nigerians, especially the young lads. If you are always having dreadlocks on your head, you like wearing crazy jeans, putting on expensive jewelries and all, then you really need to read this clearly and with an open mind because the first point is critically targeted at you.

This is a dangerous time, we now live in really dangerous times, and everyone needs to be as smart as the world gets. We have seen several reported cases of how crimes are being imposed on innocent people by the same set of security operatives we believed should be out there to protect the people.

Well, this is how bad and dangerous the world has gotten to. Whenever you are traveling long distances, especially on our West-East expressways, then always reserve that day as your data-off day.

There are basically two reasons why you should consider this advice.

1. SARS harassment: The Special Anti-robbery Squad was created by a now retired commissioner of police, Simeon Danladi Midenda in 1992 after an army colonel, Col. Rindam was killed at a police checkpoint in Lagos. The main purpose that the Special Anti-robbery Squad was created for was to combat armed robbers who have become terrors to Lagos communities.

Unfortunately, the security operatives have shifted from handling severe armed robbery cases to petty social vices that they were never assigned for.

While there are some really good guys among these men, many of them will go any length just to impose a crime on you. Having data on your phone speeds up the whole process for them, they find it easier to log on to your Facebook and search for your private messages. If they do not find anything implicating, they are sometimes pressured by their persistence to get you arrested into checking your financial applications, like your bank application to know your account balance.

If they find huge amount of money there, they will ask you to explain and no explanation will save you if you are into online businesses. It is better to make sure you have no data on your phone to avoid unnecessary drama with these guys.

2. Armed Robbers: We have heard of several cases where people get robbed on our highways. It is better to have all your physical belongings taken from you than letting these bloodsuckers wipe everything in your bank account.

If there is no data on your phone they will be discouraged. Although they might take your phone away, they will never have the chance to steal your bank funds. Moreso, your simcard meant for your bank operations should also be removed from such internet-enabled phone.

God will protect us from harassment and armed robbers.

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Content created and supplied by: Marlexander (via Opera News )

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