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Meet the transparent phones that will come in the next generations

In a revolutionary development, a Taiwanese company claims to have developed a gen-next transparent mobile phone which it says will be in the market by the year end. The company, Polytron Technologies, has already begun marketing a transparent multi-touch phone. Its prototype uses a 'Switchable Glass' technology.

Polytron has unveiled the world's first transparent smartphone. The Taiwanese manufacturer showcased a prototype handset made almost entirely of glass, with only the circuit board, memory card and camera visible, Mobile Geeks reports.

The good news is that transparent-display phones and tablets are possible. ... Docomo and Fujitsu built a prototype transparent display for a multi-touch mobile phone. (The touchscreen works on both sides!)

Samsung appears to be working on the folding Galaxy X smartphone as well as a new transparent phone with a see-through screen. The much-rumoured Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone, as it's being dubbed by the media, has appeared in a patent that shows the phone folding horizontally.

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