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Scam alert : See how they scam you in a broad daylight.

Do you know that millions of people has been scammed online just because of their simple mistake and ignorance.?

Yes they got scammed because they haven't came across an article like this .

Drop your time to read this article carefully .I Bet you know one will scam you if you know this .

As online influencer I have experience many scam attempts on my daily browsing.

1 .CHROME GIFT SCAM :-dear chrome user your IP Address won an iPhone X pro .This is a scam there is nothing like Google gift. Google does not offer gift.

This is a pop up that followed your IP Address. If you see a pop up like this never answer any of their questions ,they will ask you simply questions like who is the owner of facebook and once your answer the questions completely the will asked you to claim your GIFT which will cost you $1 . Imagine how much they will make if 1million people send them $1 .it's already $1m.

Ignore it because is not from Google you can see the URL in the search bar.

Important note:- This pop up usually appear on CHROME AND UC BROWSER

How to ride off this scam pop up

1 Download Antivirus software (App) on your device.

2 verify your some software and apps before installation.

2. ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE SCAM :- this is a malicious attack that pop up and block computer screen asking you to purchase an anti virus Software.

The heart breaking fact about it is that the Anti virus software is too cost . And once you purchase them your money is gone . This FOLLOW YOUR IP ADDRESS FROM A MALICIOUS WEBSITES. SOME COMES FROM ADS CLICKS AND DOWNLOADED FILE.

3 TROJAN HORSE :- this is a malicious code or software that infect your Computer sometimes turn them into zombie. It will control your device and made them to perform various criminal acts. This Trojan horses attached to file you downloaded , Extensions you installed and phishing website you visited. Sometime the will POP UP A FAKE VIRUS DETECTION on your computer and demand for a purchase products.

Important note:- To block this threats install anti virus app in your device .(AVAST ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE APP) will be helpful.

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