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Apps And Websites For Making And Sharing Memes.

First of all thank you for clicking on this article and I hope you find it useful. If not sorry to have wasted your time. Here we go.

The first website is Giphy is a meme website that gives templates in the form of short video clips. To use this website you have to sign up on the site.

The second website is Reddit is a social networking site that is similar to Twitter. Memes are shared on this website but it is more commonly known for its savage replies.

The third isThis one is a website that you'll use if you are searching for one particular meme.

The next is Tumblr.Tumblr is very addictive and the users are very funny. They are up to date in all of the current meme trends. They are also very popular for their puns.

The apps for creating memes are

This is the best app for making memes on Google play store. It is free. It has the best layout and it is very easy to use.

The next app is memes.

This app is not very popular but it is current and updated.

The last one is

The end.

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