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E-sim: All you need to know about the new sim card technology

A mobile network provider announced it will be testing the new E-sim technology in Nigeria few hours ago and lots of people have been wondering what an E-sim is or what it looks like. The full meaning of E-sim is Embedded Sim and like the name implies it does not require buying sim card from vendors or removing one sim for another. With this new technology the era of vendors hawking sim cards in our faces will be a thing of the past in the next three (3) to four (4) years.

The new E-sim technology which is also referred to as a Virtual Sim comes embedded in next generation phones such as Samsung s20 series, Motorola Razr flip phone, Apple Watch Series 3, IPhone XR etc. It is a microchip preinstalled in a mobile phone and is usable on mobile network carriers that are offering E-sim services. So expect mobile phone makers to join the clique of E-sim enabled phones in the market soonest because it is the future and we have to blow with the wind of the new technology.

When you have an E-sim enabled phone you can easily port to another mobile network provider without stepping out of your room as mobile network carriers can do this for you in minutes with a simple phone call. It is not as complex as the name implies, it is simple to use and you won't even need to worry about it because it wil come preinstalled in your phone.

It will save you the cost of buying different sim cards every time you want to port to another network provider, it is the future and we need to start getting acquainted to E-sim technology.

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Apple Watch Series E-sim Embedded Sim Motorola Razr Virtual Sim


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