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Virtual World: 4 Secrets you can Never Found in Google search No Matter How Hard You try to Get it

The internet is great place for everyone to search for whatsoever comes to mind, but sometime there are some hidden things you can never get online no matter how you search for it, the right answers will never be given to you. There was a time in the history of internet in which it was only used for commercial purposes, mainly on adult film industry and they are the only people that are making money on the internet. But nowadays you can find anything online with the help of basic infrastructure. As we all know, without you and me, the internet wouldn’t be in existence today, you can't get anything, anybody including places on the internet. More or less without search engine, the Internet would be useless for us.

Incase you don't know, the search engines is just a virtual world with a click of a button. The difference between the real world and virtual world is that, the internet allow you to find any things without physically been their or going anywhere.

I believe sometime you must have find it difficult to get what you want online because of your strong thought, verbal question, even complex query, in order to deliver it in a form that you can easily and immediately use. 

No matter how powerful technology becomes in the future, the basic fact is that there are things that you will never get online during your search, but I'm sure that you can never stop trying. 

1) Yourself:

Sometime we all think on how best to discover ourselves, but sadly enough, you can never find a bloggers or writers who claim to be able to help you find happiness, success, your passion, your inner strength, whatever. The truth is that you can only find those ingredients through your personal experience and taking a good look at yourself in front of  mirror.

2) Finding Inspiration:

Finding something to inspire you online is rear to get online most especially life changing inspiration. The conditions involved in getting inspired only occurred to be a deep emotional connection when a message really speaks to you in a time of your need. Meanwhile you can get inspired through a book, a person, a play,, or an event, I doubt it if you can get that on search query. 

3) True Love:

It's a fact that you can never find true love that easily. Many people have been deceived online and still happening today. There are all kinds of love, but the real human connections and physical appearance with emotion are the best. 

4) Life:

No matter how powerful the virtual world comes to look like the real world, it can never be the same. There are some uniquely human experiences that will always be impossible to implement.

Their is a phrase called "Get a Life" which means no matter how much you use social media and in love with gadgets. Living your life online is not living. It’s just another addiction to distract you from what really happens in your real life.

The basic truth is that internet is not just a virtual world but a total distractive world we all find ourselves in. It's better we think for ourselves on how best we can improve our lives and find happiness from the physical world.

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