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Sensible tip to solve earphone problem

it appears that you are experiencing cable failure (one side not working, have to twist cable/wire in odd positions).

Buying more expensive earphones is not a reasonable suggestion - not everyone has deep pockets, or is that crazy about sound to want to pay that much for a pair of earphones. And even if a case can be made that the lifespan of a pricier earphone more than exceeds the sum total lifespan of a number of cheaper earphones (i.e. cheaper to spend $100 on earphones that last 4 years, than buy one $30 earphone for the same span of time), I reckon that even pricier earphones can suffer the same fate if they are not properly taken care of.

But there are few ways which you can follow up to make your earphone last longer with are;

1. Buy a earphone box for putting your earphones safely before and after use to save it from damaging.

2. Don’t use your earphones with un-supported mobile or any other device.

3. Ensure you don’t use your earphones for long hours.

4. Don’t stretch your earphone wires.

These are few tips which you need to follow up for ensuring your earphones doesn’t go dead soon.

I also suggest you to go with wireless earphones which are available in the same price as of the wired earphones.

This might sound crazy but it definitely works.. It worked for me every time i had my right or earphone louder than the other side..

1. Just drop a single or 2 drop of water in your palm and Make that earphones press on(with on eartip bubs) several times (just like a sucking it up pushing in and pulling out plunger type ).

2. Then dry your palm, shake ear phone a little and do the same so that the water comes out.. Keeping tapping it on palm (suck out the water press in press out rapidly) .. Keep tapping it till that water comes out.

but first of all it depends which earphone are you using i.e which company's . It doesn't matter if you use often or all the time as long as you have a preety quality headphones.

Another thing is don't plug the earphone in many devices. It's better to use it in a single device (using one earphone for mobile phone and laptop).

Same thing happened to me. Mine Beat headphone got damaged in just a couple of months because I was using it in laptops and in other phones to. So i think it's better to plug into your regular device.

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