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See Why It Is Called Adam's Apple (Myth).

See Why It Is Called Adam's Apple (Myth).

You might have noticed that round shape bumpy stuff on the front of some men's neck. As they talk, eat, laugh, etc it goes up and down. It is popularly known as Adam's Apple.

An Adam's apple is known as the area of the thyroid cartilage which appears more conspicuous on the front of the neck. 

Did you know that everyone has it? It is just that some people's own is not obvious. Some people's own is more pronounced than that of others. Do you have a pronounced Adam's Apple? I mean a big and conspicuous one.

Unfortunately, up till now, many don't even know the actual name of what they have always called Adam's Apple.

At Puberty, everyone's Adam's Apple grows as the other parts of the body also develop. This is however, more prominent with the men.

It is one of the reasons some men develop hoarse voice because their voice is trying to adjust to the change in the size of the Adam's Apple.

This is why you might have noticed some male teenagers whose voice sound squeaky when they talk.

If you want to know exactly where your Adam's Apple is, just use your fingers and touch the front of your throat and hum. You will feel some vibrations there. The point where you feel the vibrations, that is where your Adam's Apple is.

Whether you are singing, talking, laughing, shouting or even whispering, it is the Adam's Apple that gives you your voice that people hear.

What you call Adam's Apple is also known as the LARYNX or VOICE BOX.

There is a Myth that has it that when Adam ate the forbidden fruit - Apple at the Garden of Eden, it got stuck on his throat. Although no one knows how true it is. Like I said, it is a Myth.

However, as a result of this, many people now call it Adam's Apple. 

I hope you learnt something from this article.

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