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Facts You Never Knew About These Type Of Futuristic Phones.

Facts You Never Knew About These Type Of Futuristic Phones.

Our old smartphones will vanish in the next few years, new one’s will be manufactured and our interactions with these new devices will differ from what we’re experiencing now with our current smartphones.

As we all know, the technology used in our mobile phones and mobile network of the past has evolved over the past few years and it’s evolution is inevitable.

We are using an LED screens on all our smartphones ,honestly the display technology of our future phones will be more complex - It will be flexible and stretchable.

Some Futuristic Phone Features.

We have some complex phones on ground which includes; Royole FlexPai, Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. These phones are flexible because all it’s components are stretchable not just the screen alone.

Some companies are working on manufacturing mobile phones that will get its power source from our sunlight under few minutes for a one minute phone call. These feature maybe an emergency charging option.

Also, some high companies are developing mobile phones that will make use of microscopic chips which will be on your body to read your thoughts and feelings . These type of development will enhance our mobile phones to automatically interact with us through communication and to carry out other task like answering phone calls.

Also there are possibility of nanobots which will be connect our brains into the cloud which will enable us to imagine virtual reality directly from your nervous system.


The few emerging tech that we have includes; robots and voice assistant, Virtual reality, Self-driving vehicle, Regenerative medicine and Reusable rocket.

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Huawei Mate X. Royole FlexPai Samsung Galaxy Fold


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