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Here Is How To Check The People That Have Read Your Message In A WhatsApp Group

When it is a chat between just two people, it is easy to know that your message has been read because the double tick turns blue immediately the receiver reads the message. However, some people reset theirs so that you wouldn't know. 

Then, in the case of a group of 2 or more people, say 10 or even 50, how do you know? Most times when you drop a message on a platform of over 50 people, only one or two persons would respond. Sometimes, nobody responds. Then you begin to wonder, is it that everyone is busy to read the message? Does the message not make any meaning?...and so on and so forth. 

Good news is that WhatsApp

has solved that puzzle. You can now view who has read a message you dropped on a group platform.

Here is how:

1. On your message, not another's, but your own message, "long press" on it to highlight.

2. As it highlights, click on the "3 dots on the top right hand corner of the page.

Please, note that the information displayed by the "3 dots" when your message is not highlighted is different than what it displays when your message is highlighted. Hence, the reason to see that you highlight your message first, for the purpose of this article.

3. Two options, " info" and "copy" will come up.

4. Touch the "info". The names of all the people that have read the message will come up.

Now you know your posts are viewed. They just choose not to acknowledge them. Do not be daunted. Keep sharing your knowledge and information. If you have market sef, keep advertising. One day, your relentlessness will pay off so long as you remain on the right track.

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