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Tips On How To Start Getting 1k+ Likes On Your Facebook Posts.

Hi everyone, hope you didn't forget to follow my page. Now i will be teaching you the secret of having more likes in Facebook.But before that have you ever asked yourself why you keep getting low likes on your Facebook account even when you have almost 5k friends.

In this article I will tell you why and how you can get 1k+ likes. Below are the steps you can take to get more likes on Facebook.

1.Know what to post:

Some people spend their time in Facebook posting irrelevant things. You all believe that no one can spend his/her precious time reading something not good. To get more likes I will advice you post something relevant and good.

2.Avoid over posting:

If u want to get more likes on Facebook you have to reduce the number of pictures you post. You can't post everyday and keep expecting likes as if it is been gotten from the sky.

3.Have a specific time of posting:

One can't be posting in the afternoon when you know that people don't come online in the afternoon. You have to choose specific time of posting like in the morning or even at night.

4.Make sure your posts are public:

In other to get likes on Facebook,one has to make his posts or even privacy public. To make it public you have to go to settings then find privacy then click public.

5.Make sure your friends are always active:

Friends who are active always see your posts when posted. When you have friends who are not active you can't expect to have your pictures to be liked.

How do you feel about this,put it on the comment box.Don't forget to like.

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