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Prevent fraudsters from getting your ATM card details after making transactions.

Fraud is increasing everyday in the society, criminals have become very clever looking for ways to get access your money, customers are advise to pay close attention when handling any transaction using external machines.

There are many ways used by criminals to gain access to your money accounts include hacking into bank databases, phishing scams and unsolicited emails, the breaching of retailer computer systems and card skimming devices placed on ATM machines and gas pumps. There isn’t a lot you can do about thieves gaining illegal entry into computer systems and databases containing your financial information besides vigilance and reporting unusual activity but some of the other methods criminals use to break into your bank account are directed right at the consumer. In many cases people are handing crooks the keys to their accounts.

Scammers can involve stealing your debit card details or personal identification number, most of them clear data from standing ATM machine using some special tools or cracking programs.

Here are the simple useful tips or things to prevent scammers from getting your ATM details after withdrawing funds or making any transaction using ATM machine.

Press "CANCEL BUTTON" twice before inserting your card. It prevent any set up the key pad to track your pin, this will clear or cancel any set up.

Do this in any transaction you want to make.

I hope you find this article useful

Stay Safe.

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