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How to create graphics design with your smartphone.

This question remains one of the most frequently asked questions. I am so glad that humans are gradually understanding the importance of visual contents in branding.

Getting a good reason why you need graphic contents is the first but not the only step needed in building a formidable visual brand.

When you must have known why you need it. The next thing you simply have to do is to find out the tools that can help you create awesome graphic contents.

In this article I will be listing 10 amazing graphic design applications. These applications are smartphone applications and very few of them has PC version. Considering the fact that very few persons are privileged to have a PC. I have limited this to smartphone applications which is possessed by everyone and easily accessible.

1. Poster Maker.


3. Desygner

4. Textgram

5. Texty

6. Phonto

7. PicsArt

8. Picslab

9. Crello


These are few amongst many smartphone applications that can help you create graphic contents.

Subsequently I will be unveiling the top 2 among these ones and educating you on their uniqueness.

In our time, graphic designing is not an option. It is compulsory for every brand (personal/


Which of these apps have you been using? What is your experience so far? Care to share? Feel free.

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Desygner PIXELLAB Phonto Picslab Texty


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