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24 brilliant Inventions that will make your Life easier and better.

In a world full of technology, we have a long way to go for all of the advancements we have made in modern technology.

Nowadays, we are familiar with brilliant inventions that make living in the world easier. Thanks to scientists who came up with a suite of inventions, they provide brilliant solutions that solve problems.

These inventions below provides ingenious answers to tiny problems in your day-to-day activities. Stroll down and check them out:

1. An easy-to-load toilet paper holder

2. A scent-based alarm clock, instead of the beeping of alarm clock, it is replaced by soothing and pleasant odor.

3. Fanny pack sandal. This sandal has a zippered pocket for small item storage.

4. A knife that warms butter as it spreads

5. A mug with a customizable temperature.

6. Containers that remind you when food is about to expire.

7. A strainer that attaches to the pot

8. A piggy bank that tracks your money.

9. Voice-activated lights.

10. A backpack with a USB charger.

11. A foldable cutting board.

12. A spike that automatically waters you plants

13. A chip bag resealer.

14. An LED car display

15. An instant voice translator.

16. A wine purifier

17. A time-locking container

18. An ice cream lock

19. Waterproof socks

20. An umbrella for your dog

21. A super portable water bottle

22. Pizza Scissors.

23. A pillow with hole for your glasses

24. A sofa that turns into Bunk bed.

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