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How To Switch Your Normal WhatsApp Account To A Business Account.

Like millions of people globally, you probably use your WhatsApp on your phone daily just to keep in touch with your family and friends. But there's more to WhatsApp that you probably didn't know. WhatsApp can be a very useful tool to social media marketers, business owners, etc. Through WhatsApp business.

WhatsApp business is a subdivision of the regular WhatsApp, that was unveiled in the year 2018. It was created to bring business owners and their customers closer, by maintaining their online presence.

WhatsApp business can be used to:

1. Providing speedy customer support.

2. Giving customers a look behind the scenes.

3. Informing customers about new products and promotional offers, etc.

With WhatsApp business, you have a verifiable business profile, where you can add your business contact info, as well as automatic customer response.

How To Switch To A Whatsapp Business Account.

* Firstly, you'll have to backup your WhatsApp data, this enables you to secure your personal chats and media.

* Then go to App store on iOS devices or Google Play store on Android devices. Search and download WhatsApp business app to your phone then launch.

* Review and accept the terms of service to continue. Input your WhatsApp mobile number and the app will automatically verify your number.

* You'll be prompted to allow backup data or confirm some queries. Sign up as a WhatsApp business user with your business name, profile picture and the business category.

* Fill the descriptions of your company, working hours, business address and contact details.

Once your WhatsApp business account is set up, then it's ready for use. Start your first chat!

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