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Is Your iPhone Completely Dead? See Easy Ways To Hard Reset It

Is Your Iphone Completely Dead? See Easy Ways To Hard Reset Your Iphone

If you’ve pressed the Power button and the screen isn't turning on or you see an error message, you can probably make it boot again.

The question is how?

The directions here will make any iPhone boot up and work properly. If they don’t, your device has a hardware problem preventing it from booting.

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1. Plug In and Wait It to Charge

An iPhone may fail to turn on if its battery is completely dead. Generally, you’ll see some sort of “low battery” indicator when you try to turn an iOS device on and it doesn’t have enough battery power. But, when the battery is completely dead, it won’t respond and you’ll just see the black screen.

Connect your iPhone to a wall charger and let it charge for a little while, give it twenty minutes but if the battery is completely deadgive it a few minutes to charge and it should turn itself on. This will fix your device if its battery was just completely drained and make sure your charger is working if this doesn’t work. A broken charger or charging cable may prevent it from charging. Try another charger and cable if available.

2. Perform a Hard Reset on Your IPhone.

A “hard reset” will forcibly reboot your iPhone, which is useful if it’s completely frozen and isn’t responding. The hard reset process has changed a bit on different iPhone.

To perform a hard reset on any iPhone, quickly press and release the Volume Up button, quickly press and release the Volume Down button, and then press and hold the Side button, Hold the Side button down until your iPhone reboots. You’ll see the Apple logo appear on the screen as it’s booting up, and you can release the button, this will take about ten seconds.

If you’ve waited longer than ten seconds and nothing happened, try again. You need to press the buttons in quick succession, and you can’t pause for too long in between each press.

3. Reset Using ITunes To Recover IOS Operating System.

You can put any iPhone into recovery mode by turning it off and plugging it into a computer running iTunes with a USB cable. Press the Home button and hold it down as you plug in the USB cable. Keep holding the button down until the “Connect to iTunes” screen appears on the device. Even if your iPhone seems completely dead and powerless, connect it to a computer running the latest version of iTunes anyway. You might still be able to restore it.

You should try to make a backup before restoring your device. However, you shouldn’t have to do this if the device is working properly. If its operating system is damaged, it should automatically boot to the recovery mode screen without any additional steps necessary.

4. Put your iPhone into DFU mode

This iPhone is in Recovery Mode in DFU mode nothing appears onscreen.


DFU stands for Device Firmware Update mode which is the final troubleshooting process for software related issues on your iPhone. If it still doesn’t turn on or charge and appears completely dead DFU mode might be able to help.

Using iTunes, it forces your device to erase and reinstall every piece of software and firmware. This makes it the deepest possible restore you can do.

A lot of people struggle to put an iPhone into DFU mode on the first try. Don’t be afraid to repeat the instructions a couple of times if you aren’t sure you got it right. If anything at all appears on the screen at the end.

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