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Top 13 Best Smartphones Of 2020

When it comes to phones we all don't mess with that. We all love to use some of the best smartphones and we always like the latest models of smartphones and believe me they are throughly amazing. Just that not all of us can afford them but believe me they are the best. They have all been reviewed and after even much research I have been able to get the top 13 Best Smartphones Of 2020 and they have amazing features. Well I don't wanna waste much time so let's just jump straight to it.

#13 Oppo Find X2 Pro.

Oppo has been producing one of the best smartphones so it's no surprise that they are among the best smartphones of 2020. Oppo have been improving their self lately and the Oppo Find X2 Pro have really proved that they are indeed improving. There's lots of battery power and a really great display , with a great camera display also. It's the zoom that really appeals and it's a little expensive and it's a pretty strong phone with really great features.

#12 Oneplus Nord.

Not all have heard of this phone but believe me it's really making it's name well known. It's a new generation of qualocmm snapdragon also offering 5G speed. The OnePlus Nord isn't just know for it's 5G speed but also the camera I mean it really great and the zooming ability is overwhelming. The screen display is also quite attractive and there's little much this phone can't do.

#11 Goggle Pixel 4a.

Some might think goggle is just from browsing but they haven't seen the goggle pixel 4a yet it's really spectacular . There's no lack of post for daily fast, the battery last long and it provides uses with great Android experience and the image quality is also very good.

#10 Moto G 5G Plus.

Moto G have been producing some of the best smartphones devices, now with an additional 5G speed moto G have really hit some of the best smartphones. The camera is great and it produces some of the best displays and it has a great handset.

#9 Xiaomi Mi 10 lite.

At a good price, Xiaomi Mi 10 is really worth the price cuz it has a great display and a network speed of 5G and it also has a great camera display at the top of the screen.

#8 Apple iphone SE.

There's no way iphone won't enter the list of great smartphones cuz they are one of the best leading phone company in the world and they produces great product. Iphone SE is one of the newly launched iphone this year and it came with some amazing features and well updated system.

#7 iPhone 11.

It shouldn't come as surprise to you that iphone 11 made it to the top 13 Best Smartphones 2020. It has great camera reviews and a well secure system with amazing displays.

#6 Samsung Galaxy S20.

S20 is a great phone with a good display and a well lasting battery life with a 4g only model and a great camera with incredible zooming abilities. And I also had a well built in good system software.

#5 Huawei p40 pro.

Huawei have really been Improving in their phones and the p40 pro can tell it all. It has a well placed camera with good views, a good screen display and also a network speed of 5g with strong lasting battery life.

#4 samsung note 10 plus.

Even tho it was launched last year the samsung galaxy note 10 plus is also a very good phone with great features and a very good full screen display.

#3 oneplus 8 pro.

The OnePlus 8 pro is a really good phone with a great screen display, long battery life and a great camera review.

#2 iphone 11 pro.

The iphone 11 pro is also different from just the iphone 11. It has a longer battery life and a better camera and it's much bigger and has a better display.

#1 Samsung Galaxy S20+ Ulta.

It's newly improved and has a good battery life and is powerd by android. The samsung galaxy is a very good phone and it has a great life for gaming also with a good 5g network speed and a clear camera display.

This are the 13 Best Smartphones Of 2020 I didn't really arrange them wellbut am sure I did a great work cuz it really took much time and effort. And be sure to hit the follow button for more updates and feel free a leave a like and drop a comment.

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