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10 ways to maintain the computer system

A computer system comprises of individual parts that interact to produce an output. It is an interaction of parts to form a functional unit. Computer system us a data of electronic, mechanical and electro-mechanical gadgets which are put together and made operative by a set of stored instructions, which synchronize the various sub-units and direct them on how to solve a task.

A computer system cannot work properly without a good maintenance. This article will give us ways by which one can easily manage or maintain the computer system.

1. All the electrical connections should be adequately protected.

2. Never remove the communication cables of peripherals attached to the CPU when these peripherals are on.

3. Use of stabilizers or UPS should be considered in computer room to guide against fluctuation and loss of data

4. Use the correct fuse rating

5. The use of raised floor is needed to protect the system from water

6. Always ensure that air conditioner or fan is on

7. Turn off your PC at the end of the day

8. Turn off all electrical appliances at the end of the day

9. The computer room should always be clean and tidy

10. The computer environment should be made with steel door or burglary

Please ensure to follow this guide in other for your computer system to work effectively the want you want it.

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