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5 Ways People Misuse Android Phones.

1) operating phone while charging :

According to my user manual, when you use your phone while charging, the transfer electric current does heat your phone, and the use of the phone also involve the presence of radiation which results in the generation of heat, making the whole phone heat up, this will develop into an issue.

While the phone gets heated and the phone shakes, the charging port or phone panels gets damaged as a result of sparks that caused the heat.

2) Putting the phone into the mouth in the name of using the touch light: This is a very common bad habit among people which shouldn't be, the saliva in the mouth causes damage to the charging port and the button, rather it is better for someone to hold the phone for you to shine the light or buy a lamp or touch light.

3) Sleeping side by side with your phone: There have been several occasions where our customers had their screen damaged because they kept it by their side while sleeping and then rolled on it and the screen got damaged, for others, their sweat falls on and this made their screen touch to stop responding so they will have to replace it, and you know anything you start repairing will never remain the same.

4) Making calls while Charging your phone: This is the most dangerous of all, this can cost you both your life and your phone, so you rather not do it than you paying the cost.

5) Increasing your phone backlight to the fullest: this is a very bad habit, a lot of young people make such mistakes which is going to cost them their eyes if time is not taken, the more blacklight of an Android phone is increased when not necessary even at night reduces the lactic liquid in the eye depending on how close the phone is to your eye. If this increase continues for some time it could result in blindness of the eye.

So be warned on how to use your phone it shouldn't be what should harm you.

Content created and supplied by: Engben (via Opera News )


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