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Twitter Hacking: What Are The Causes And Why It Should Be Worried About

The curiosity over the intrusion on the Twitter accounts of some of the rich people on Wednesday continues to be gaining ground - but one thing to acknowledge, is that this intrusion is the worst.

Thousands of people have been defrauded after hacking into their Twitter accounts, where people are required to send donations of one thousand dollars in bitcoin, hoping to get double their money.

The hackers sent messages to at least 350 million Twitter users. And they seem to have made about $ 110,000 in just a few hours.

This is an attack on privacy and security. Experts believe that the intruders did more harm than good. Twitter has a large number of users in the US, Japan, Russia and the UK, as reported by the BBC hausa.

Useful Questions :

Twitter is a platform that some big people and celebrities around the world have chosen to use. Their publications contribute to the movement of financial markets and trigger a political revolution.

Given that there is a U.S. presidential election less than the next four months, there are questions that should be asked about whether the site can be relied upon during the election.

President Donald Trump's website has not been hacked. But many are waiting to see if his opponent Joe Biden will say anything on Twitter after the incident.

Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg, who wanted to stay in the party with Kanye West was among those targeted

"We know that Russia is trying to involve itself in the 2020 elections as it did in 2016," said Dr. Heather Williams of King's College University in the United Kingdom.

"Disorganizing social media sites is a small task to them" .

"This intrusion shows how insecure social media is and how simple it is for Americans to be overwhelmed by false information."

It Is The Worst in History :

The impact of this intrusion is growing not only on Twitter, but on all social networking sites.

The most common feature is that the hackers were able to gain access to the site of the big people , which in turn allowed them to gain access to the site’s password or security .

Twitter confirmed in a series of messages it posted: "We found out what we thought was a conspiracy by some people to attack our employees by intruding into their equipments."

Prominent figures including Floyd Mayweather and singer Wiz Khalifa have also had their pages confiscated.

The hackers used a method to find out the password of their site and follow the people through their email address to trick them into getting information from them.

Or it may be that the intruders conspired with other company employees to provide information and pay them.Twitter will face a lot of pressure right now.

"This breach affects the integrity of Twitter," said Willian Dixon, president of the World Economic Forum's Internet division.

"This has been a major setback for Twitter users, the greatest in the history of the world"

Twitter did not respond to inquiries from reporters, but said it was taking steps to restrict access to the company's privacy, namely by employees.

The company said it was also trying to determine if there were any other offenses the intruders tried to attempt to infiltrate.

The company's chairman said there was a possibility that the intruders had laid their hands on some confidential information they should not have had.

“There’s a possibility they’ve been interfering in people’s messages for a while,” Mathew Hodgson said, as reported by the BBC hausa.

Technology companies like Apple and Uber have more than 5.5 million followers on Twitter

The idea that Twitter has the ability to conpiscates people's accounts despite the security of their sites could threaten some people.

But experts say that is part of the process for such companies.

Attempts have been made to hear through Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Youtube about the steps to be taken, but no one has responded.

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