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Nigerian Police Recruitment 2020: Using your Smartphone for Registration.

This article is for Applicants with smartphones, who can't afford to pay for the registration at business centers. The article is practical guide on how i used my smartphone for registration. N/B: You must have data bundle on the phone.

What you need!

A smartphone, and a browser (preferably Opera-mini) application.


i. On the browsers address bar, type in the Nigerian police recruitment web address @, See photo below.

ii. Type in your correct National Identity Number.

iii. Input your Valid Email address and a Unique password you will remember.

iv. Answer the Human verification questions and proceed to create account.


i. After submitting the request to create account, you will automatically be redirected to the Login page to fill your email and password as used in account creation. See image below

ii. Input the email and password you used in creating the account, and answer the sum(math) question correctly, use a calculator if necessary and select Login to continue.

N/B: If it displays as shown in the image below; "Account has been blocked. Contact Administrator". Kindly relax and try to login later at night, as the traffic on the website will be less and it will login to the portal.


i. This page displays your National Identity form. Kindly select the icon in the image below to proceed.


i. The page in the image below allows you to add your educational qualification.

N/B: Take note of the exam type icon that appears twice; This means you can combine any result but at not more than two sittings.


i. Follow the image below, select the exam type and add the correct exam number of that exams.

i. Input the subject and the grades; as they appear on your certificate.

ii. After adding all subjects and their grades, continue to save exam as displayed in the image above.


i. Proceed to add your primary school particulars by selecting the icon as shown by the arrow in the image below.


i. As show in the image below, Input the name of the primary school you attended.

ii. Add the year you started the school as shown on your First School Leaving Certificate.

iii. And the year you finished your primary school and save the form as shown in the image above.


i. Select the icon as shown by the arrow in the image below to submit your application.

ii. As shown in the image below, tick the box to accept terms and conditions and proceed to submit application.


i. As shown in the image below, is an automated message acknowledging your submission of application.

ii. Close the page and reopen the login portal and input the email and password to enable you print your profile and guarantor form.

iii. The Image shown below will display once the login details is imputed. Proceed to select the "View Your Profile" to download application form. After downloading your application form, go back to the previous page and select "Download Guarantor Form" to download your guarantors form.

N/B: If you are contacted via Email, to proceed for the physical screening, you will be required to provide a hard copy of your credentials, namely; Application Profile, National Identity Slip, Certificate of Origin, Birth Certificate, First School Leaving Certificate(FSLC), Senior School Certificate of Examination(SSCE) and Guarantors Form.

A guarantor is someone who agrees to take responsibility of any for any problem arising from your application for recruitment. In the absence of the stipulated guarantors, Retired Civil/Public servants can help sign the form, Senior pastors, Imams and senior government employees. See image of the guarantor form below.

Kindly Attach the guarantors passport and a photocopy of guarantors Identity Card.

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