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Simple Trick To Gain YouTube Watch Hours And Views

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Tricks to more YouTube watch hours

Post at the Right Time

One of the best ways to increase watch time is to give your video the very best chance of showing up in search results. After all, more views = more watch time. First and foremost, if you haven't clicked on the follow button pls do it now I will be very grateful.

You can see more detail in our post about When to Post on YouTube, but briefly speaking, we’d recommend posting around mid afternoon during the week, which gives your video time to be indexed before peak viewing hours (8pm). Consider posting a little earlier on the weekends, like about 9am and also avoid posting on Mondays because Mondays normally comes with low internet traffic

Use Playlists

Did you know that people don’t need to be watching YOUR video to increase your watch time?

In fact, if a viewer starts watching your video and continues watching a playlist, it doesn’t matter if the subsequent videos belong to other people – you still get credit for that watch time.

To get the benefit of this feature, ensure all your videos are in playlists and if you’re the sort of person who likes hanging out on YouTube, consider spending a little time creating PlayLists featuring other people’s videos alongside your own.

* Have an attractive video that would put your viewers in suspense and this alone can keep them watching and thereby increasing your watch hours.

The good news is you can reduce this by having the BEST, most EXCITING part of your video right at the start as a sort of teaser. Keep watching to see "THIS" can keep them watching

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PlayLists When to Post


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