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9 Android, Mac, iOS, Window, Firefox, Applications That Are Guaranteed to Improve Your Productivity

9 Android, Mac IOS, Window, Firefox, Applications That Are Guaranteed to Improve Your Productivity

Procrastinating doesn’t mean you’re lazy; it means you’re overwhelmed. These apps can help

Procrastination is a worldwide problem and struggle and it’s important to remind yourself when you fall prey to it that 

a) you’re not alone, and 

b) you’re not lazy. On the contrary, most procrastinator will tell you that they’d much rather be working but feel like they can’t. 

Fortunately, there are a some incredibly useful tools that can help you head a lot of the problems that lead to procrastination off at the pass. Here are a number of fantastic, easy-to-use apps that incentivize good work and sleep habits; help you to stay on task by avoiding procrastination traps; maximize your focus by completing one task at a time; and create new workflows that will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. Kindly visit the iOS, Android store for download. You may google the apps names also. Check list below.

App 1 Streaks (Mac, iOS)

2 TickTick (Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Chrome, Firefox)

3 Toggl (Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Chrome, Firefox)

4 Pocket (Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

5 Feedly (Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome, Firefox)

6 Forest (Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome)

7. OmniFocus (Mac, iOS)

8 Freedom (Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Chrome)

9 CopyClip 2 (Mac)

You can please add to the list by leaving comments. Thanks .

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