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How to recover a hacked Instagram account

Carefully go through the steps I will outline here to know what to do if your Instagram account is unfortunately hacked.

If you ever try to login to your Instagram account and you are unable to do so despite being certain that the username and password you enter are correct, then its most likely that your account has been hacked. Someone must have somehow obtained access to your account and changed its email, password or both, causing you to be unable to login. If you're afraid your cherished account and photos are lost, don't be. I will be telling you how you can gain back access to your account.

1. Launch the Instagram app and type in your username as though you actually want to login. Please take note that you will be asked to use a phone number, email or password to login. But for the purpose we are pursuing, please only use your username to login as the hacker must have changed your account email and phone number.

2. Underneath the space provided for a password, you will see : Forgot your login details? Get help signing in. Click on this text and you will be taken to a popup page

3. On the popup page you will see Find My Account and your username will already be entered in the space provided. Remember we are only going to rely on the username for this purpose. Click on the blue " NEXT" button.

4. Once the software finds your account, it will load you onto a new page containing your account photo and the following options. Send an email. Send an SMS. Login with Face book. Need more help?

5. Click on the option : Need more help. You will be shown a "Submit Request" form. Fill all the fields on the form and remember to specify that your account was hacked. Give as much details as possible.

6. Submit the form and wait. Instagram should contact you asking for further details to help them identify that the said account is yours. They will also need a form of identification as proof that you're not a robot. When all the protocols are completed, your account should be returned to you and back to normal. Ensure you are as transparent and honest as possible to make sure your account is retrieved.

Thank you for reading this article. For more tips like these, follow me and stay glued to my article feed. Stay safe.

Content created and supplied by: HonourableSphinx (via Opera News )


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