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TSTV May Be Coming Back Stronger, See The Pictures Of The Super Dealers In A Meeting With TSTV

Tstv may be coming back stronger and better than before. They launched the "Direct To Home Television" few years ago but they have struggled since then.

They have struggled to find a better satellite signal provider and also struggled at making sure their decoders are available to every dealer.

They promised pay as you view plan, they promised subscription pause and using your decoder as a wifi to browse the internet.

They are yet to achieve any of this because they have been struggling to get the right to broadcast the English Premier League.

Some Nigerians believes dstv were the company behind the struggle of tstv because they were afraid of competition.

After a long time of silence from the company, they were seeing doing a round table meeting with all the super dealers in the 36 states of Nigeria.

If the meeting bears a good fruit, we may be seeing the come back of tstv and i hope they do not fail Nigerians this time.

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