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Check Out Some Things Flight Mood Can Do To Your Phone.

Airplane mode, aeroplane mode, flight mode, offline mode, or standalone mode is a setting available on smartphones and other portable devices. 

When activated, this mode suspends the device's radio-frequency signal transmission technologies.

Though, many people don't know about it but they do see it in their settings.

When flight mood is turn on, a person will not be able to receive or make calls. But sometimes, they are very helpful when it is turned off.

Although, phone users are not aware of it.

When you turn off your flight mood, your battery tend to last long.

Please take note that when you turn off your flight mood your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular and data connection will also go off.

When a flight mood is on, your phone will always charge fast.

Flight mood makes battery last long.

Remember, they can be located in your phone settings.

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