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Make Money As An Amazon Affiliate WIthout Any Website and with 100% FREE Traffic

STEP - 1 : 

You Need to Join Amazon as an Affiliate. We find a product we want to promote, get a simple link, when someone buys from that link Amazon will send you some money for selling it, that's it.  

Click here to sign up if you don't already have an Amazon Affiliate account: 

STEP -2 : 

Once logged in, at the top you will see a section that says “Product Linking”, click on that, then click on “Product Links”. 

STEP - 3 

Next we are going to find a product to promote, you can promote anything you like, from Computers, DVD's, Books, Kids Toys, Automotive, Camera & Photo, Clothing & Accessories - promote something that you love yourself. In the search box we are going to use a keyword to find products we will promote. I'm using “Laptop” for example. Type your keyword in here then click “Go”.

STEP - 4 

You will see a list of products you can promote here, scroll through and find one that you like, you will see their sales rank also. This is showing you how popular the item is. Click on “​Get Link”, a url will come up, copy and paste it somewhere as we will be using this in the next step. 

This link is how you will get sales, we are going to take this link and promote it, someone clicks on that link, buys from Amazon, you get paid, that's it!

STEP - 5 

Next you are going to want to save pictures from the product page of what you are promoting, so just click on the link here, it will take you to the page, then go in and save all the pictures they have for the product. (best if you use Chrome or Mozilla). Just Click on every Single Image and Save as image to PC.

After that You’ll See this 

STEP - 6 

Go to YouTube. This is where we are going to be promoting the product we found on Amazon. If you don't have an account you will need to create one. It's fine if you just have one general account for all of the items you want to promote. So if you are promoting cameras and hunting gear, it's ok to have them under your one Youtube channel.

After you are logged in, click the upload icon in the top right corner of the page.

STEP - 7 

Next we are going to create a slideshow video within Youtube. I have found that by creating videos within YouTube's platform vs, uploading one, I get better ranking on Youtube as well as on Google. Click, “Create” under Photo Slideshow.

STEP - 8 

Next, drag and drop all of the photos you saved from the Amazon product page that you will be promoting. In Album name, make sure you name it the the title and model of your product.

STEP - 9 

After they are all loaded, click Next. 

STEP - 10 

We are going to set up the Slideshow video.  

1. Set length of each picture to 4 seconds.  

2. Set to Pan and Zoom  

3. Set to Crossfade  

4. Select any song you like, these are all made available for us to use by Youtube  

5. Click Upload 

STEP - 11 

Next we are going to set the text for the video.  

1. Enter the Product and model of what you are promoting here, important, we are not adding anything else for ranking reasons. So don't add, “wow look at this” etc. Keep it only to the model and product.  

2. Say something short about the product ( Features ) and include the model as well,then put the affiliate link you got from Amazon here.  

3. For the tag use only the product and model, do not fill this with 100 other keywords.  

4. Select a thumbnail for the video.  

5. Set to Public 

6. Click Publish 

Everything is Done. You have to Create as Much as You Can. It takes only 5 Minutes to Make a Single Video. 

Bonus Action Step 

You will get visitors from the link of description. But I want to give you more visitor to your Videos.  

1. Click the Video Manager and Edit the Video. 

2. Add Card to Your Video 

3. Create a Poll and Engage People to pay attention. 



I do NOT want you to do just 1 video and that's it. Sure your one video may get you $100 a day, but what I want you to do is to many many videos, promote many products. Some of your videos may only do $10 a day, some may do $300 a day, we don't know what one's will rank the best and sell the best right?  

Here's the best tip I can give you for this method. Hire a virtual assistant to create TONS of videos for you. Just imagine if you have many of these videos up on youtube and google all getting clicks and sales instead of just your one video?

Again, this is just optional, I promised you a quick easy free method that works so you can also do these videos yourself too, this is just an option that I use to do them.  

Review: So we find products we want to promote from Amazon, get our affiliate link and pics, go over to youtube, create the slideshow, put our link and done! I just did one of these videos and it ranked on the 1st page of Google, 1st spot within 24 hours, was more like 12 hours. It also ranked on the 1st page of Youtube within 24 hours as well.  

I believe Youtube/Google gives my videos priority ranking due to creating the video on their website with the slideshow creator, as well as using the keywords in the title and one in the tag and in the description etc. This may seem like a method that is too easy, well it is, everything online doesn't have to be massively complex and take years to figure out how to make money just for it to work.

This method works, We have proven it over and over and over again. Some of my videos have hundreds of thousands of views using this exact same method. How many sales do you think you could make if your video have 300,000 views? It's tons, and once you make the videos, that's it, they are up for life, getting free traffic every single day. This is truly autopilot once they are set up. So, start setting up tons of videos tonight and get some sales!


Content created and supplied by: lsgnaija (via Opera News )

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