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Nobody Can Hack Your Facebook Account If You Can Do This.

The social media now is very important because it is used in many things which includes passing of information, aside all the social media that exist the commonly used one is the Facebook. The Facebook is a social media platform that gives people the power to connect with friends and family.

With Facebook been one of the most used social media, there are people who are called hackers, those people are dangerous because they device means to steal somebody's Facebook account to use it to do llegal things which might includes; extorting money from one's friend on Facebook.

So therefore in this article i will be bringing to your notice what you need to do on your Facebook account to stop anybody from hacking it.

What you need to do on your Facebook account to stop any hacker from hacking your Facebook account is called a Two Factor Setting. a Two Factor Authentication Setting is a type of setting that automatically send a one time password (OTP) code to your number anytime any hacker is trying to hack your account.

This is how to set the Two Factor Authentication Setting on your Facebook account.

* Firstly go to click the settings menu.

* After clicking the setting, many options will appear but click Security and Login.

* After clicking the Security and Login, scroll down you will see use two factor authentication, click on it then put your Facebook password to continue.

* After putting your Facebook password to continue, confirm the number that is their to be your active number because the one time password (OTP) will be sent to that number anytime anyone is trying to hack into your account.

* After confirming your number, then on the two factor authentication setting.

After doing this two factor authentication setting, nobody can ever hack your Facebook account, because whenever anyone tries to hack your account, the one time password (OTP) will be sent to your number and as long as the hacker can't get the one time password (OTP) the hacker can never access your account.

Please go fast to activate this setting because it is very good and safe.

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