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MTN eSIM Trials: Will It End Or Assist Yahoo Boys?

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Everyone can agree technology has made it easier for scammers to operate.

Today's technology has allowed yahoo boys to do "amazing things."

They can operate from unknown locations, disguise as foreigners, withdraw from your bank pretending to be you.

The list is endless!

But thankfully, there are also good things technology has given us that aid our law enforcement to track and arrest them.

Embedded SIM cards (eSIM) is one of such "good things."

What Does MTN Have To Do With This?

On Wednesday, 15th July 2020, MTN Nigeria announced that it would start trials of a new eSIM service. Making them the first telecom body to do so in West Africa

What Are e-SIMs?

An eSIM stands for Embedded SIM card. There is nothing hard or difficult to understand here.

It is just like your physical SIM card in your phone right now. The only difference is that an eSIM can't be removed from the phone.

It is a microchip that is permanently inside the mobile device.

How Is It Better Than A Normal SIM?

An eSIM allows for more flexibility when changing networks, data plans, call tariffs etc.

Instead of having a different Sim card for every country you visit or for every network, you can just choose to have one eSIM.

Why Will eSIM Be An End To Yahoo Boys?

An eSIM has meaning advantages in security. But let's look at a few that will really aid I the fight against scammers.

•Easily Trackable: Because it can't be removed like a physical SIM card, it is always connected to the network.

This can allow government agencies track down the boys easier and arrest them since their locations will always be known.

•Harder To Steal Phones & SIM cards: Unlike physical SIM cards, where a phone can be stolen and the SIM card removed. The case is not so here.

Even if your phone is stolen, you can still access your number from any other phone and track the location of your phone!

Other reasons why this could spell trouble for Yahoo boys are; Inability to have multiple numbers; harder to know phone numbers etc.

When Will They Available Fully?

MTN hasn't given a specific date but has hinted the service to be fully available next year to all users with equipped phones.

Will I Be Able To Buy It?

No eSIM isn't a product for sale. It's a service.

To be able to use eSIM, your phone must have support for it.

However, if your phone has support for it. You will be able to activate it for free in any MTN service center.

What Phones Support e-SIMs?

For now, only expensive phones like iPhone X and above, Google Pixel series, some Samsung phones, can support eSIM.

But don't be sad, it will eventually make its way to every phone, now that it is being introduced to the Nigerian market.

Thank you for reading! But we need your opinions for this article and out next one!

Do you agree with 5G being in Nigeria?

Is there anything you feel the govt. isn't doing well to fight yahoo boys?

One of the advantages of eSIM is that scammers can be tracked easily... But so can you! Are you fine knowing that the govt could be watching you?

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