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6 Places That May Be Dangerous To Use Your Handset

The handset and the GSM technology has impacted on the life of very many people since the last century.

It has made communication very easy and have made it possible for people to connect with one another across national boundaries.

The enormous benefits notwithstanding, it has also been abused just like every other good thing. In this article, we want to highlight some places that may be dangerous to answer or receive calls.

1. In the petrol station.

The GSM makes use of radio waves of very high frequency. These waves can catch fire when they are exposed to combustible gases or spirits.

For this reason,it is not good to use your handset in a petrol station. It could catch fire and cause enormous harm.

2. Gas station.

In recent times,we can see gas stations everywhere. Many people now cook with gas and gas stations can be found in the neighborhood. We should not use our handset on the gas stations to avoid the risk of catching fire.

3. When you are lighting up the generator

For the same reasons as mentioned above,it is dangerous to use your handset when you are trying to light up your generator.

4. While driving.

Many people answer calls even while driving. This is very dangerous. We can easily be distracted when we are answering calls and driving. This may cause serious accident. It's better not to pick your calls when you are driving.

5. In the worship centers.

It is not proper to make or pick your calls while in religious meetings. This may distract other worshippers.

6. In the examination halls.

Most examiners will not allow a person to use his phone in the examination halls. This is considered an examination malpractice. Be guided and use your phone only in authorized places.

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