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Types of Computer Package

1. Word processing package: this software enables users to create or type and edit text-based document like letters, memos, minutes. Examples Ms-word, Corel word perfect, Word pad, w Notepad.

2. Database management software: a computer database management software is to organise data and enable database users to perform database operation. Example are Oracle, Ms-access, My sql, etc.

3. Spreadsheet application software: allow users to combine data, mathematical formulas, text, and graphics in a single workbook. Example are Ms-excel, lotus 123, SPSS, Visi-cal, etc.

4. Desktop publishing(DTP): is the use of computer system with printer to perform many of the function of a print shop. Example are Ms-publisher, Adobe page maker, Corel draw, etc.

5. Multimedia software: they allow users to create and play digital audio and vedio files. Example are Real player, Media Player, VedioLAN Client(VLC), etc.

6. Presentation software: is used to display information in the form of slides show, this type of software include three function namely, editing that allow insertion and formatting of text method include graphics in the text and a fuctionality of executing slide show. Microsoft powerpoint is the best example of presentation software.

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