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See 5 Home Appliances That Drains Electricity Even When They're Turned Off (Read And Learn).

I am sure that most of us didn't know that some of our household devices can continue to work even after you must have switched them off. Personally, I am not surprised by the consumption of energy by theses electronic devices, but, what is alarming is that these devices can take up to 10% of your monthly electricity subscription. It would suprise you to know that even though you switch off the power of a DVD(with a timer), it would still consume some amount of energy to display the time.

However, this post contains five(5) of our common household devices that will consume electricity even when they are switched off. Read And Learn.

1. A Television Set.

When you switch off your television i.e press the power button, the television automatically goes on standby mode(not that it switches off). Did you know that depending on the power supply in your environment, it can consume as much as 24watts per day?

So, it is advisable you unplug it to prevent the TV from consuming unnecessary energy.

2. Computers ( Laptops and Desktops).

It would amaze you to know that even though you switch off your computers, they keep on working. Infact, not unplugging them could make you lose as much as 96watts per day (depending on your power supply).

So, always unplug your computer when you are not making use of them.

3. A charger that's not connected to a phone.

Even though a charger is not connected to a phone it consumes little amount of energy. So, if you are not charging the phone, unplug it.

4. A Microwave and DVD.

As stated in the introductory paragraph, the amount of energy consumed by this devices when switched off is a suprise. Any device that has a timer like the microwave or DVD can consume up to 108watts per day(under constant power supply). You can imagine how much you would be saving monthly by just unplugging?

5. Sound System.

Did you know that most sound systems have an inbuilt clock, hence, it would continuously consume energy to update time.

Bonus Points: Other household appliance that consumes energy after they have been switched off includes

✓ Printers.

✓ Clocks.

✓ Routers and Modems.

Thanks for reading.

I hope that this article was informative.

So, which of these appliances/devices are you guilty of leaving plugged in? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.

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