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See how to create mini drone plane with low cost budget

Creating drone is one of the amazing creation of all time.

To make this project a successful one, this material must be needed.

DC motor 3.7v

You needed 4 of this particular types of DC motor

Copper wires


To create the frame of drone

The main purpose using plastic to create the frame is because it more lighter.





Steps on building the frame

Cut a wood in a square shape , 1m height and 1m width

Then cut the plastic bottle, cut out 4m height out of the plastic bottle then attach it to each ends of the wood.

Attach each rators to the plastic, join the wires of the drone together, negative for negative and positive to positive.

Then connect the negative and positive wire to the 3.7 volt battery. Then the drone will fly but without control it will just be moving to irregular direction.

Please stay tune for next project

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