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Four Ways You Can Accidentally Damage Your Smartphone.

It is a very surprised when buying Phone and unfortunately get Damage in within short period of time . Here are Ways cause quick damage of the Phone.

1) Leaving your phone plugged in: leaving your device plogged in and charge all night is not a great for the longevity of your phone.over charging of your phone can damage the phone so far the phone is completely charge , you don't need to leave it on charging because too much of charging the device can generate more heat and can affect either battery or device.

2)Allowing your Phone to over heat: When you let your phone getting over heat either by placing in sunlight or plugged in to over charged can also damage the Phone .

excess heat can damage the Phone ,so keep your device in comfortable temperature is a good idea and prevent accidental damage of the Phone.

Keeping Your Phone On 24/7:

It is a good idea to shot your phone down occasionally to give it a rest. Leaving your phone on all the time can affect the Phone components . It is a good idea to shot your phone while sleeping to make it rest .not advisable to press or operate your phone 24/7 .

Installing Malware: One of the biggest misconception about Smart phone is that you don't have to worry about the security with them nearly as much as you do with your computer. It is advise to stop downloading an app from the third party store or clicking downloading link on suspicious website even they show you icon and the name of an app you can trust.

Downloading an infected app can damage your phone ,it is advisable to download from trust sources.So always be vigilant about what you will be download on your phone to not permanent ruin your device.

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