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Would You like To Know How To Deal With Jealous Friends And Co-workers [Read This]

At a point in life you might have been betrayed, hurt, and the victim of unnecessary sarcastic comments when you merely wanted to share the good news with people filled with envy and you were just not sure how to respond to their actions towards you, well no need to worry I've got your back.

In this article I've suggested a few ways which have proven to be really helpful for me in dealing with such envy around you while not adding fuel to the fire, or hindering your growth at work and in life in general.

1) Quit Your Boasting

First and foremost, when something good happens to us, we oftentimes cannot wait to share the news with others due to our exhilaration. Yet many a time we tend to slip into bragging mode when advertising about our recent successes or good fortune by word-of-mouth or on social media.

Little do we stop and reflect on how our actions might fan the flames of envy on our co-workers, friends, acquaintances or even family members. While it is normal to be overjoyed after something good happens to us, having true humility and modesty when disclosing the news to others can go a long way — and possibly reduce jealousy pangs in others.

2) Be Adept At Dealing With Hostile People

Sometimes, your jealous friend(s) or co-worker(s) can be so envious of your success that they actually try to make life difficult for you. Again, we must bear in mind that we have to first assess the situation in a calm and composed manner to really ascertain if your alleged jealous friend(s)/co-worker(s) are involved in activities to hinder your growth or cool your display of elation around them.

Many times, we would have to wait for a period of time before peacefully and politely speaking to such hostile people. Be sure to remain tranquil and level-headed in order not to evoke a defensive and even more hostile reaction. Bring up ways you can help them grow and succeed, be it at work or in other aspects of their lives.

3) Make Jealous People Feel Valued And Appreciated

When success is yours and you rise into a decision-making position at work or other aspects of life, you can try to limit the jealousy of friends and co-workers by making them feel valued and appreciated.

Give sincere and specific compliments like, “I could not have arrived at this position without your help in (insert particular action of your friend/co-worker)” face-to-face or on social/professional media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The rule is to remain charitable and approachable even after you have attained success towards the jealous party or parties. By doing so, you would probably reduce the animosities felt or displayed by others and even put an end to those rumors.

4) Avoidance

When all your efforts to appease and talk out things with the jealous party/parties have failed, the sad fact is that you might have to let go certain friendships or working relationships in order to move on and grow further in life without toxic people bringing you down or affecting your performance at work or in other domains.

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