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How to create an AdMob earning app with smartphone and make up to $1USD per second. (Easy steps)

Earning from ads can be easier than you think

Indeed, smartphone is meant for smart people like you. If you can access Opera hub, that is, if you can read this with your phone, it means you can create an app with it and start making money. In some of my previous posts, I talked about how to create Android apps with smartphone. I also talked about how to upload your app to play store. I talked about how to add ad unit to your app and start making money. I also talked about how to enable firebase in your app. Therefore, if you haven't seen any of these posts, kindly visit my profile and look for them. You need them before you can get here.

Today, I'll teach you how to activate your ad unit and start earning. I'll continue from where I stopped.

Note that images are used for demonstration only.

As you know, we have been creating a book app with sketchware in my previous posts, so we will continue there.

We have actually added an ad unit to our app previously, so we will be using the same app we created. Let's get started.

As usual, open your sketchware and click on the project or app you have created, or create a new one. See previous posts on how to create a new one. As you can see from the second image, I have already added an AdMob widget. See my previous posts on how to do that. See images below.

Note that images are used for demonstration only.

I showed how to add an interstitial ad component. If you don't know how to, it's simple. Navigate and click on component, click on the plus icon on red background, select interstitial ad and save it with anything you like. I saved mine with interstitial Ad. When this is done, simply click on the small arrow at the right end of the interstitial ad. Click on "onAdLoaded and click on the icon as shown on the images below. See images below.

Click on component and hold, drag and drop interstitial ad "show" under "onAdLoaded". Click on the small arrow and select your interstitial ad. Note, save it with what you can remember so as to not get confused. See images below.

After following the above instructions, go back and click on "onAdFailedToLoad". Click on the icon as above. See images below.

Select component and hold and drag Toast and drop it just below "onAdFailedToLoad. click on operator, hold and drag "join - and" and drop on the space on Toast to cover it. See images below.

Still on operator, drag "toStrong - without decimal" to cover the space as shown below.

Click on the space next to -join and type in a pop-up message of your choice.

Toast. Here, Toast is used to set up a pop-up on the screen when the ad fails to load which may be as a result of poor Network connection or if the person's mobile data or wifi is not active. Toast is optional depending on what you want and the type of app you want to create. When you drag and drop toast component where necessary, on this screen, you may want to type in a pop-up message like, "check network connection, error loading ads" or whatever you can think of. I used " Ads Not Loaded Yet,- as my pop-up message or otherwise called, error code. See images below.

Click and drag the "erroCode" Icon. Use it to cover the space as shown on the images below.

And we are done here. Go back and click on event. On activity, click on "onCreate" and click on the icon as usual. See images below.

Follow the instructions on the images below.

We are done. Go ahead and run and install the app.

After running and installing the app, you will discover that the ad doesn't show. Yes, it won't show. We still have some work to do on it. We have to decode files. This brings us to another application. Download Apk Editor.

The main Apk Editor for Android is no longer supported, therefore, you can't get it from play store. Visit to download it. I'd recommend the older version, version 1.9.0. It is only 6.6mb. Below is the icon of Apk Editor.

When you install the app, open it. Click on "select Apk from app" and select the app you have created. Follow the processes as shown on the images below.

When you have passed this process, wait until the build icon appears. Click on it and wait for the completion of the 4 steps processes. See images below.

When these automatic processes is completed, first uninstall the old app by clicking on "remove", then click ok to install. Wait for some times for it to be successfully uninstalled. See images below.

When you have see the successfully uninstalled pop-up, click on install to install your app. If successfully installed, the ads should show. You can now share your app to people to use and you earn from ads.

You can check how your app and ads is doing by checking your AdSense dashboard.

More to go home with

Remember not to click on your ads. This may crash the app.

It is not compulsory to add a test device when building your ad unit on sketchware. But to test your app on your phone, you may need to add it. It is automatically generated by sketchware. What you need to do is just select it.

This is where we will stop for today. I may post how to create a chat app in no distance time. Thanks for reading.

I hope this helped? Kindly drop your questions or suggestions at the comment section. I'll respond to every comment.

Kindly scroll up and click on follow for more updates.

Content created and supplied by: FrankMan2021 (via Opera News )

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