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I Just Got To See My Credit Score Learn How To Check Yours[Details]

I scored 100%[Excellent] This week in my credit score, learn ✓

Good day without wasting much of your time, I am delighted to share my knowledge with you. I want to make sure you know what I mean by credit score.

For the benefits of those that do not know much about the credit score,I would give a hint on it, to guide you through the process.

Opera earlier launched the credit score scheme,for the interest of all,due to the previous scheme involvement of reduction of points,due to reduction,complaints were made and they were duely taken care of, and that was how the credit score scheme came about,for a free and fair process.

1: How does credit score work?

2: What can reduce my credit score?

3: How do I check my credit score?

You do not have to bother about a thing, as I am here to assist you with explainations and pictures for better understanding to your questions.

1: look at the picture/table below,it is an announcement process for the credit score. How does credit score work?


If you do not go against the rules and regulations for publishement,your credit score would definitely increase and the system would favour you.

Always remember hard-work and transparency pays in what'soever you do ✍️💪.

To tell you the truth,I enjoy writing and that is why I gain joy writing to people .

Trust me also,if writing is your passion,you would do well in it,even if you make mistakes in one way or the other, you would see yourself improving bit by bit.

2: Look at the table below,it is a graphic illustration of what could reduce your credit score from time to time, and the points attached to them.

The photo explains it all.

For a little more clearance, rejection for not original news and so on listed on the table, means that if you fall victim of this,you have just lost 10 points.

Please note very important fact, once your point drops below 60 points or 60% ,you are already at the loosing point.This would go along way to affect your account till you are able to bounce back again, and in absence of being able to get to the top again,if your rejections increases and your credit score drops below 60 or more points you would face the penalties,such as suspension and the rest.

3: Look at the picture below,a screenshot that shows you how your credit score display would look like.

How do you check your credit score?

Yo it is easy ,all you have to do is try logging in through your chrome browser and check for updates from time to time. It would pop up on the screen ,to show you if it is reducing or increasing.

Check pictures of how I saw mine

I logged in through my chrome browser and it pop up to inform me of my credit score,clearly stating the time:

" Last updated 10:49 am July 16,2020"

This is how it would also display once the credit score has been calculated and ready to display,so do well to always keep in touch.

Have any further questions,comment below

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