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Yahoo-Yahoo: Inside The Life Of A Cyber Criminal, And The Inflationary Pressure On Nigerian Youths

Cybercrime has become a trend in Nigeria among some of our youths; a lot of potentials have been wasted as most youths are eager to make it quick in life at all cost. A question we should all ask ourselves is whether the cares of this world actually worth it, judging from the fact that they are temporal.

Cybercrime has had a negative impact in our society and has become a near-pandemic among Nigerian youths. If you ask those who are involved in it, they will tell you that the major reason that made them to follow the path is because of unemployment, and to make a living with it, they get a smart phone or a laptop and start looking for someone to scam.

Making money is good, but making it by scamming others is where the problem is; it is ethically bad and does not speak well of the people in a given country. Most of them have had their ways and have cashed out big, but what they failed to consider is the state of their victims after being scammed. A lot of persons who fell into the hands of scammers never remained the same after the encounter; some cried their eyes out, while others got admitted in the hospital because they never thought they would be scammed.

This trend has caused an inflationary pressure on Nigerian youths as most of them want to belong to the 'cybercrime class' so as to gain relevance in the society. A lot of dreams and prospects have been wasted as a result of peer pressure and some have become so money conscious to the point that they can use their loved ones for rituals in exchange for money. This inflationary pressure has made some to have a reprobate heart; a heart that no longer have feeling for others.

One truth is that those involved in cybercrime might be eating their future in this present dispensation, because according to God's design, a man is supposed to pass through different phases in life before rising to stardom. If you bypass any phase, you may come back to ground level because there is no short cut to stardom.

One sure thing is that the work of a man will be tried and when the day of reckoning comes, it may be too late to make amends and turn a new leaf. There is dignity in hard work and there is dignity in being successful in life without doing so at the expense of others who would be left heartbroken and in pain.

Is unemployment the major factor predisposing youths into participation? What do you think can be done to ensure that the next generation of youths don't follow this path?

Content created and supplied by: ReignJerry (via Opera News )

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