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Does your phone have a broken screen? Then this is for you

It is an irony that the more we depend on our phones,the more they are likely to break.Suffering through a cracked phone screen is absolutely nobody's idea of fun.

Ignoring it can be dangerous and ugly.Fixing it too can be costly and buying a new phone makes it even more costly,so what do we do?

Opportunities for fixing such problems have become bigger and bigger,we are going to see how to fix our damaged screen without spending much.

Items needed:

1.One single use pack of Sugru(a color that fits your phone)

2.Toilet roll


The thing about cracked screens is that they tend to start from corners of the screen,so that is where we shall start from and what we are going to focus on.

If the crack is on a corner ,this may fix it up permanently.

Step 1:Spring clean

First of all,wipe the screen surface clean with the tissue paper.Sugru bonds so much better when everything is clean and dust free,but be careful not to pick any loose glass when you are rubbing.

2.Sellotape around the patch

Switch your phone on so you can see exactly where the display screen begins. Now get some sellotape and mark over those areas, so that the Sugru patch doesn’t get in the way of your phone’s screen.

Step 3.Apply Sugru patch

Now concentrate your attention to the crack in the corner of your phone. Tear open a pack of Sugru and grab a tiny amount from the package. Even the amount shown in the picture may be too big for some cracked screens!

Apply it thinly. A top tip is to start small and then gradually add more if you need to.

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Thank you as you do so,

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