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How to create a Free Website For Your Business

in our todays world,the online experience is so much more than just checking emails.from talking to friends and family to doing our weekly food shop and also researching things to do locally the online world is very much part of our routine life. as the time we spend online increases so did the digital opportunities available.

Are you a business owner? 

Do wish to take your business online?

Do you know that It's totally possible to make your own website for free without any coding or programming. If you need to make a couple of website in minutes, there's a lot of alternatives for you to look over. My aim is to outline each and every step for you with the goal that you have a straightforward manual to follow. 

I'll incorporate ways you can make a free website, including picking your own domain name, website hosting, and the best website builders. In case you're on a limited spending and need a free website quick, follow the stages Outlined Below to make your website very quickly. 

Stage 1: The first step to build your free website is to Choose your Website Builder 

The least expensive approach to begin constructing your website for free is to pick a website builder. This makes the procedure a lot quicker and less difficult.

Picking the best website builder for your requirements is the primary goal 

Here is a rundown of website builders for your business 



2.GoDaddy Website Builder 


5.Gator by HostGator 



9.Constant Contact Website Builder 



13.Google website builder 

Stage 2: The second step after choosing a website builder is to Choose a domain name. 

Picking your domain name is both fun and baffling simultaneously. I can't remember how frequently I've thought of an incredible domain name and discovered that it's been taken as of now. Fortunately, there's a lot of tools out there that can help with that. Domain name generators are an amazing method of searching for a domain. 

Some website builders will let you have a free domain name however a large number of them will incorporate marked domains. This doesn't look exceptionally proficient so I'd generally recommend getting your own domain name. 

The following are a list of domain generators that can help you




Stage 3: after choosing a domain name you need to host your website 

Like I referenced , in case you're utilizing a website builder, bunches of them offer a completely hosted arrangement. This implies they give their own web hosting to your website, including refreshes, security and so forth. This kind of arrangement is perfect on the off chance that you don't need a lot to do with your web hosting. 

On the other hand if you need more power over your web hosting, you'll have to source your own web host. There are a lot of web hosting companies out there, below are a few of them.

1.Blue host 





The final and the last step is to point your domain to your hosting. This process depends on the domain registrar you should read the process at registrar website document.all you need to do is to replace their default DNS to your hosting DNS that is given to you by your hosting providers.

Now you are ready to run your website online freely. Enjoy your day.

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