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Funny memes and images that will make your Monday

Thank God it's Monday, the start of a new week and new things to come. Here is a compilation of memes for you to laugh at on your way to work and for your day home.

1: Android battery vs iphone battery

2: when you are too proud to ask for help

3: when you are high but have to take a picture

4: life these days

5: when somebody finally likes your post

6: when you are crying but laughing too

7: when you are ready instructions to the letter

Now before you view the rest, I must warn you they are extremely funny please hold on to something while viewing and if you are in a bus please do not laugh out loud make Dem no think say you be mad person.

Thank you for viewing these funny jokes and pictures, do have a nice day and do not forget to like, follow, comment, post and share

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