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How To Make A Local Air condition Using Your Standing Fan

Air conditioners commonly referred to as AC, are electronic devices used for removing heat and moisture from the interior of an occupied space in order to improve the comfort of occupants. 

Air-conditioners comes in different forms and sizes. Examples are: Mini-Split Air Conditioners, Window Air Conditioners, Portable Air Conditioner, Hybrid Air Conditioners etc. 

But the thing is, these air conditioners are very expensive to procure. And we all know how heat period can be frustrating and unbearable. Therefore, the big question is: how can one still enjoys chill breeze if he or she can't afford an air conditioner? 

The answer is right here on this page. I'll be showing you a simple procedure to help you convert your standing fan into a local Air conditioner.

Without further waste of time, let's proceed. 


1. Standing fan 

2. 3 bottle of ice 

3. A strong string 

4. A little thick wire 

5. Plier


Step 1: get three empty chill drink bottles and filled them with ice blocks. You can equally filled them with water and allow to block in a fridge.

Step 2: tie a wire on 2 of the ice bottle necks in such a way that they form a hook.

Step 3: Tie two strong strings at the top rear of your standing fan just like in the picture below.

Step 4: hook the bottle without the hook containing the ice through the rope such that it stays firmly to the fan like in the picture below.

Step 5: Hook the other two ice bottles at the bottom rear of the farm like in the picture below.

That's all, your local air conditioning system is ready. On your fan, sit back and enjoy the chill breeze.

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