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The First Robot To Become A Police Officer In Dubai (Photos).

In the United Arab Emirates, an AI-powered robot has gained popularity after it was announced to the public as a member of the Dubai Police Department. The self-operating machine is powered by an automated system that assists it in detecting and reporting crime situations to the control room at the police headquarters, where they are reviewed.

The main responsibilities of the robot include patrolling Dubai's tourist attractions and malls, as well as automatically reporting crime scenes to each police unit by making use of its inbuilt video camera technology.

Another function of this machine is that it can be used by the public to pay fines and file reports by using the touchscreen interface on its chest. It responds well, and is accurate, fast, and safe.

This new technology in the Dubai police unit has helped to increase their efficiency in addressing and solving crime-related problems across the city, and it has given police officers the opportunity to keep track of what exactly happens at the scene where a crime is committed.

I believe that this kind of new innovation will not only reduce the crime rate in great measure but will also lead to advancements in safeguarding the people.

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