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Lemme introduce you to opera news hub. To earn money with opera news hub,all you need to do is to know how to write an interesting and engaging articles. Opera news hub is an online media platform where article writers can reach over 350 million people. Article writers through this platform can earn money through paid sponsorship.

What you need to know, is how to write an engaging story always. A story with the content of at least 150 and above words.

Opera News Hub income calculation guide.

Opera news hub income calculation depends on the level of your creativity. Opera News Hub calculate their income based on; traffic fee and fixed fee.

As a junior signed writer, Opera news hub pays you through traffic fee. In traffic fee, you are paid based on the number of clicks you have in your articles. 1 click traffic will get you #0.036, 100 clicks traffic will get you #3.6, 1000 clicks traffic will get you #36 and 25000 clicks traffic will give you #900.

Opera news hub pays you through your Opay account. Please when creating your account make sure you enter your valid Opay number.

Hub payment is being processed by opera news hub payment team after your total income reaches 2000 Naira. This simply mean that, if you made 900 Naira for articles written in one month, make 1000 Naira for the next month articles, such payment will not be made in your Opay account, rather it will be recorded in the system. If you continue writing for the next month, the amount your articles generates will be paid all together. Opera news Hub pays on or after 15th and 30th of every months.

Some rules and guildlines

Any article seeing violating opera news hub policy will not be paid, even if it initially passed the review and was published.

Do not use titles that has words like: shocking,shock,OMG, unbelievable, Twitter goes wild etc, as these words are considered as bait for click. Always read the Opera news hub policy.

Please click on the follow button and if there's any questions let me know via the comment section.

Content created and supplied by: SaintEmmanuel (via Opera News )

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