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Meet the first inventor of screen touch.

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The inventor of touchscreen

Do you know that either directly or indirectly, this man is the source of that phone with you?

Lest you forget, it's not screen touch, it's touch screen.

The touchscreen, which is often controlled by figure touch, is widely known to be created by E.A Johnson, in 1965 at the Royal Radar Establishment in United Kingdom.

Johnson wrote a novel. In his article, 'Touchscreen', a novel. Johnson described a touchscreen mechanism employed by many modern smartphones – capacitive touch.

The touchscreen features an insulator, like glasses, coated with transparent conductors.

Johnson’s invention was adopted by air traffic controllers in the United Kingdom and remained in use until the late 1990s.

American inventor Dr G Samuel Hurst invented resistive touchscreens almost accidentally while studying atomic physics at the University of Kentucky. Whilst the university thought the technology was only applicable in a laboratory setting, Hurst had other ideas.

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E.A Johnson Royal Radar Establishment United Kingdom


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