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What's Your Take: Should Children Be Allowed To Own Phones At The Age Of 10

Ever since the invasion of science and technology, our world today has become a quickened one. All thanks to the science and technology innovations, we can now do works and perform other tasks easily or even from the comfort of our houses. One of the most viral and handy gadget created is the mobile phones.

As the name implies 'mobile phone' is a handy gadget that can be carried from one location to another. This is one out many invention that has really helped humanity both in our personal and social life. This device has a whole new world or dimension of luxury. With this device one is able to communicate with another person in order to convey a message or information be it negative or positive. With this same gadget, a person is able to send mails without moving an inch. And also with this gadget, a person is able to view a whole new world of entertainment. Now the question is; should children be allowed to own phones at the age of 10 ? 

Every child wants to do whatsoever pleases him/her and that goes to the proclamation of phone ownership.

It's not truly wrong for even a 9 year old to own phone, the question is what will you do with that device. Most children especially from the age of 10 are prone or so eager to own this device all in the name of one specific purpose, which is 'games'. 

Games on the other hand are truly helpful in terms of building children's IQ charisma. But as the year runs every now and then, scientific inventions keeps innovating. As at now, the world is virtually tech based system whereby everyone is required to own a technological device. 

This device called 'mobile phone' is one of the main thing that drift children away from their studies. Nowadays, children including age 10 really like social media than their key to success. Indeed social media platform is also a strong pillar that helps children and adults both in their academic lives and in adults affairs. But they are some site children are not suppose to visit. Them visiting that site frequently, build up an unwanted spirit/charisma in them. 

In a nutshell, children are not suppose to be with mobile phones, not when they're still in highschool. If at all you want your child to be with a phone in order to communicate with them more frequently, you can simply provide land phones at home for your kids. With that device there is a 75% assurance that the child will not indulge in criminal act.

Do you think children are supposed to own phones at age 10 ?

Please comment, let's know your thoughts and point of view.

Thank you.

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